Work in progress.


HOLISTIC GESTALT The idea that everything together – characters, sets, acting, action, animation, interaction, lighting, editing, colors, graphic design etc etc. – IS the theme, visually and that everything working together shows more of the story than the separate pieces by themselves.



Se7en – The whole intro introduces the antagonist's obsession and sets up the mood for the whole film. Simply brilliant. And it visually sticks out.

Amadeus – Notice Mozart's crazy, fluffy wig compared to Salieri's controlled, tight wig. Notice Mozart's big extroverted gestures and body language, compared to Salieri's controlled introverted gestures.


THEMATIC GESTALT The idea that everything one sees in a film, game or play is grounded in what the story is about on a thematic level. Meaning, every design in the show represents something in the dramatic question at hand – be it literally in the design itself or as a visual allegory, metaphor or even as indirect subtext like a color cue.


Apple's Apple icon referring to the Apple from the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden, the source of good and evil.


Schindler's list Color stands for some thematic ideas through the otherwise black and white film. Which cues do you pick up on? What do you think they mean based on what and where the colors are ?
Ie composition creates context.


    Thematic gestalt is an interdisciplinary research area between gestalt and philosophy. It was introduced by me in my reSearch at Uppsala University 2010-2020 as I explored my artistic methods. It is inspired by semiotics in communication studies and symbolism through art history but brought into a practical, contemporary context for modern production cycles.